Our mission

Our goal is to build partnerships with our clients and customers to deliver a high-quality, innovative service that surpasses customer expectations, whilst ensuring that our highly-motivated, forward thinking, efficient and flexible workforce enjoys the benefits of job satisfaction.

Working together to build a secure and rewarding future.

Core goals

  • To provide cost effective and best quality telecommunication services.

  • Be a successful company that is respected in the marketplace, by our clients, partners, employees and the communities where we deliver services.

  • Become established as the leading distributor of wireless communications services.

  • Satisfy the needs in all the area of telecommunications services.

  • Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Excellence.

Our experience

Planning and Design - 7 years
Capacity Management - 7 years
Strategic Network Solution - 6 years
Performance and Optimization - 7 years

What we are good at

Jafsman is not just a provider of telecoms, we can also help to find IT solution, and more importantly to see that your investment is maximised over the longer term through ensuring it is well supported.

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Strategic Network Solution

Jafsman ensures that it has the skills and capabilities required to ensure the strategic solution we recommend to our customers achieves the maximum positive impact within their organisation.

Planning and Design

Network Planning and Design services deliver value by designing the most economical network with high Quality of Service to support the current and future technology and capacity requirements of the operators. To satisfy this, Jafsman uses technology expertise, sophisticated algorithms, world-class tools and disciplined design processes to provide end-to-end, multi-vendor design solutions. Network Planning and Design services cover Radio Frequency (RF) and Transmission Engineering, Fixed and Core Network Engineering for GSM, WCDMA, Microwave Transmission, SDH, DWDM, and Broadband networks.

Capacity Management

Telecommunications and utility companies invest significant time and money in building out and managing their networks. Network resources include both physical assets like network devices and logical components, including operational and business support systems. Many companies, carriers, and providers invest in capacity planning to gain insight into acquisition, upgrade, and configuration decisions that best meet their capacity demands. Our solution links your network engineering and IT departments together to provide more efficient asset management, improve your ability to analyze demand forecasts, and streamline and automate your capacity planning processes.

Performance and Optimization

Jafsman’s Performance and Optimization solutions are aimed at improving the performance of an operators network, post the network roll out. With ever changing data traffic demands with the usage of smart phones and pressures on managing the operational costs, service providers are increasingly looking at Performance and Optimization services for meeting the needs of customers and save on capital and operational expenditure.

Managed Services

Jafsman’s managed services allow operators to free themselves from non differentiating tasks of building and operating their network and focus on their customers and products.
Jafsman’s Managed Services offerings are based on the Build-Operate-Manage (BOM) model and offer KPI/SLA based end to end services from Network Planning & Design, System Engineering, Installation and commissioning, System Integration, Optimization, Network Operations and Field Maintenance.

Operation and Maintenance

Jafsman’s is under process to establish Network Operations and Maintenance services portfolio to enable operators to focus on their core areas of business while Jafsman manages Network Operations and Maintenance activities. This approach will help the operators in owning a high performance network at reduced operational expenses (OPEX).
Jafsman has extensive experience on multi-technology products, maintenance systems and right shoring of operations. This can enable Jafsman to manage operators’ critical task of Network Operations & Maintenance seamlessly.

Some of our clients

Over the years we’ve been working with some fantastic Telecommunication and IT companies . Through the excellent service and value for money we offer, we are preferred service providers for some of our clients and we hope you’re the next.
Here are just some of the great names that have benefited from our services: